18 Mar 2013

203.63 - 213.66KM: Gainsborough & Morton 10k

Whilst this year is very much about the end game and reaching 1000km by December 31st, I have set myself a few target times for each distance that I desperately hope to achieve at some point this year: a sub 40 10k, sub 1:40 Half Marathon and a sub 3:30 Marathon. With the amount of running my body is going through this year it will be a big ask to keep my body in good shape to have a proper assault on these times, but they are goals that I have set and goals are there to be achieved. I have already reached one of these targets, twice, smashing my Half Marathon PB by 7 minutes at the Sleaford Half Marathon and then by a further two minutes the following week at Silverstone. This week it was the turn of the Gainsborough & Morton 10k and my first attempt at a sub 40 10k.

As with the majority of the events this year, this was another first time event and I had understated how far away Gainsborough was so I was in a bit of a rush to get to the start before the race began. I'm very much someone who leaves things until the last minute but tying my shoe laces as the ten second countdown is in process is cutting it fine even for me.

When the race started I began at the required 6:30 minute mile pace to hit a sub 40 minute 10k, whilst I managed to maintain this pace for the first mile I soon realised that I wouldn't be able to keep this pace up for the remaining 5.2. My legs felt empty and I was struggling to get control of my breathing as I still seem unable to shake of the cold that has been plaguing me for the past couple of weeks. Running with my backpack also slows me down a fair bit, although as I'm running most of these events by myself it is something that I am finding myself doing more often than not.

Despite feeling like I was struggling round for the majority of the race when I crossed the line I saw that I had finished with a new PB by just under a minute at 43:57. I had originally hoped for a time around 42 minutes for this race so I was a little disappointed with my time, but any time that is a PB should in all honesty be considered a good time. There are several races this year where I will be able to have another chance at hitting a sub 40 10k: the York 10k, Grand East Anglian Run and Lincoln 10k all look like good contenders with fast, flat courses. Until then I will keep on including hill sprints in my training which will go a long way.

I have spent the past week redesigning and developing my 1000km Challenge website, so please head over to www.shanes1000km.co.uk and check it out. The last design was implemented whilst I was moving house and without a stable internet connection so I was never really happy with it, however hopefully this one is much easier to use and explains what my 1000km challenge is all about. Since my last post I have also had my story featured in the local village newsletter 'Heathcliff View'.

As a final big training run before the big day, the London Marathon,  I have decided that on Thursday this week I will be going on a 20 mile run to get my body used to the idea. Unfortunately as I work a 9 - 1730 job and I am running a race every weekend this means I either have to run before or after work. So on Wednesday I will be getting an early night as my alarm will be set for 4am Thursday morning. As unattractive as a prospect as that sounds it needs to be done.


Distance: 10.03 km | 6.23 miles
Time: 00:43:57
Official Time: 00:43:58
Average Pace: 04:23 min/km | 07:03 min/mi
Goodie Bag: Gloves, Bottle of Water, Snacksize Mars Bar, Mini Cheddars and pen.


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