10 Feb 2013

88.36 - 109.84KM: Hotdogs, Hills and a Hundred Kilometers (Caythorpe Dash)

Hotdogs, Hills and a Hundred Kilometers is how I will best remember the Caythorpe Dash, along with lots and lots of mud. Another first time event, and one that I couldn't remember beforehand whether it was a trail or a road race, so to be safe I took both pairs of trainers, and thankfully opted for a trail trainers.

13.1 miles of farm track and hills
Similarly to last week's Rauceby Ripper, much of the run was made up of farmers fields and generally boggy terrain. I saw two guys in front of me lose their trainers whilst running across the worst sections and a combination of will power and luck was the only thing that kept mine on my feet. Some sections were almost impassable and I surprised myself on more than one occasion by my ability to stay on my feet and not end up in a ditch or river.

A brutal, sudden 100ft climb at the 10 mile mark defeated many competitors trying to run up the hill, who instead had to succumb to walking. The elevation wasn't an issue, running up (and down) Cross 'O Cliff hill most days meant that I was more than capable of reaching the top without much hassle, but the boggy surface was akin to running up the hill covered in ice. About three quarters of the way up it became clear that walking this short, but difficult section was both the easier and quicker way of getting up the hill.

A quick look back on the run shows a significant drop in my pace for miles 10 and 11, unsurprising given the hill and how boggy these two miles were, but for a run that I didn't feel I was particularly pushing too hard on I was very pleased to get in sub 1:55. Just when I was about to tell myself that perhaps, given the conditions, I'll give this event a miss next year,  I walk into the pavilion at the finishing line to be greeted with a Hot Dog and Apple Crumble with Custard. They certainly knew how to win me round.

At home with my medal
Distance: 21.48km | 13.35 miles
Time: 01:54:12
Average Pace: 05:19 min/km | 08:33 min/mi
Goodie Bag: Medal, Hot Dog, Apple Crumble & Custard


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