2 Feb 2013

74.26 - 88.36KM: Rauceby Ripper

Beware the Rauceby Ripper. In the week before the race, the race organiser warned of how bad weather had left sections of the course with puddles up to half a foot deep. Fortunately by the time Saturday came round most of these puddles had cleared up, although weather from the past few weeks was still evident in sections of the course.

The wind, and farmland made the course challenging in parts and for the first time this year, my legs felt empty before the race even began. A month of bad weather has forced me to run to and from work far more often than I had planned, so at the time of the race they had already ran just short of 200km so far this year. Finally, one month into the challenge I received my first medal and my second banana.

This week looks set to be a week where I reach two major milestones in this challenge. Firstly, with my total distance currently standing at 88.36km, the Caythorpe Dash (Half Marathon) this weekend looks set to push me well beyond the 100km mark.

Secondly, some very generous recent donations have pushed my fundraising total (excluding Gift Aid) to just shy of £1000, far greater than I had ever hoped to have raised by this stage. Hopefully this week I will be able to raise the £23 needed to reach £1000.

Distance: 14.10 km | 8.76 miles
Time: 01:08:13
Official Time: 01:08:16
Average Pace: 04:50 min/km | 07:47 min/mi
Goodie Bag: Medal, Banana, Chocolate Bar & Bottle of Water.


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