13 Jan 2013

20 - 32km: Resolution Run

The second weekend in January saw my third run and second race with Eight Point Two's Resolution Run around Rother Valley Country Park. The race had two options, a 6KM route or the 12KM route with 'generally good paths but will have the occasional hill to contend with.', I opted for the latter.

We were warned beforehand that the weather had affected the route, although I wasn't prepared for it to be quite as wet and slippery as it was. Running up hills and through forests when the ground was as boggy as it was today was quite a challenge and at times I was locked in a battle between progressing forwards and not falling over.

When I crossed the line my watch had measured the race at 10.71KM, 1.29KM short of the 12KM advertised. Although my body was ready to stop running at that point, I knew that I would have to make that 1.3KM up later.

The key selling point of the race was the choice between Salad and Mince Pies as a memento, an easy choice as I don't like mince pies, with the idea being to start the year as you mean to go on. This choice was changed close to the race day to fruit or cake, a much tougher decision, but one I didn't get to make as I had already selected my option upon registration.  All in all it was a very enjoyable race, with a challenging course. With the registration full for York's Brass Monkey Half Marathon next weekend, I am now without a race for two weeks until the Rauceby Ripper on the 2nd February.

Distance: 10.71 km | 6.66 miles (+1.3 km | 0.82 miles)
Time: 0:52:34 (+ 06:23)
Average Pace: 04:54 min/km | 07:54 min/mi
Goodie Bag: Healthy Option (Banana and Satsuma)


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