6 Jan 2013

10 - 20km: Solo Run

Fresh off the back of the Cleethorpes New Years Day 10K and a short three day week at work I found myself at the weekend and ready to clock up some more KM. This week is some what of an oddity as I am able to count two runs towards the challenge total. The rules I have set myself for this fundraising total is that I'm only counting kilometres run in organised races, if I'm unable to run in an organised race on a given weekend, then I have to run either a 10k, Half Marathon or Marathon on the streets to make up for it. This means that training runs, such as my daily runs to work do not count towards the total, allowing my body a period of recovery later in the year if necessary, whilst still having a realistic and challenging target.

I went out this morning on my run without a pre-determined route, opting instead to allow myself to go in whichever direction I fancied.  Whilst there definitely is something invigorating about making the route up as you go along, it has its downsides. It can be difficult to pace runs if you aren't familiar with the route and where the straights and corners are. It also means you can end up like I was today, faced with a 200ft climb in the last kilometre of your run. Fortunately I am more than familiar with the hill as I have to run up it most days on my way home from work.

Week one completed with 20km in the bank and all attention focussed on next weekend's Resolution Run 12KM race in Sheffield.


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