1 Jan 2013

0 - 10km: Cleethorpes new years day 10k

The first day of 2013 also marked the first day of my challenge with the Cleethorpes New Years Day 10k. It was a weird feeling standing at the starting line, after months of planning and subsequent waiting that I was about to take my first steps towards 1000km and finally begin this journey.

After an abrupt start, with no countdown to the pistol or a starting line, I soon settled in to a comfortable pace that I had decided to run at. Having only just recovered from illness over Christmas, I had barely eaten in the 48 hours prior to the race, I was taking the a steady approach to the run.

The first few kilometres of the run included a loop around the same section of roads twice, which alongside inaccurate distance markers was a little confusing, but the support along these sections for New Years Day was very impressive. I had planned to take a few photos along my way to document this and future runs, however soon found out that trying to take a decent photo in focus whilst running is as difficult as it sounds.

The finish to the race was as sudden as its beginning, with the banner obscured by spectators, it wasn't until I had crossed the line that I realised it was over. A quick check of my watch showed that I had run in just over 46 minutes which was I a time I was more than happy with, especially when I was supposed to be taking it steady.

I would like to thank Tom for offering me a lift to this race, as I wouldn't have got there without him.

Distance: 10.01km | 6.2 miles
Time: 00:46:17
Official Time: 00:46:32
Average Pace: 04:38 min/km | 07:27 min/mi
Goodie Bag: T-Shirt


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