9 Feb 2013

GUEST POST: Images Of My Eczema

So because I seemingly cannot order posts in a logical way I thought I'd make a post with pictures that I've taken of my skin. Sadly they're taken on my phone and my phone has a magic ability to try to make images appear smoother which is all fair and good for taking everyday photos but when I want to document things exactly as they are it isn't the best camera to use.

The thing that prompted me to make this post was that today when I showered I glanced at the plug hole and saw that it was completely blocked with my hair. I remove hair from the plug hole every day so I was absolutely shocked to see just how much hair had come off my head this morning. I wouldn't be surprised if I now have a bald patch somewhere :(

I put the disposable razor there for size comparison but it's still hard to properly show just how much it was

Image 1: Elbow flexture. It was much worse than the picture shows
Image 2: Side of my breast
Image 3: My chest
Image 4: My face on Boxing Day
Image 5: Another of my face flaring
Image 6: Bruising from over-scratching
Image 7: My thigh
Image 8: Flare
Image 9: Back of my elbow/ forearm
Image 10: Flare on face with swollen eyes
Image 11: My thigh
Image 12: Skin flare on tummy
Image 13: Skin flare and eczema herpeticum on my birthday
Image 14: Front of my thighs
Image 15: Seborrheic derm on my neck

I haven't posted these images for pity, but to show you how eczema can manifest itself and as I said at the start of the post, the images have had a smoothing effect on them because of the quality of my phone camera so it is not a true representation. The colours should be much more pigmented and the flaking and sores on the skin were much more apparent.

As you can also note, these were some of my better days as I was able to get dressed.

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