26 Jan 2013

53.13 - 74.26km: Another Solo (Snow) Run

So this morning I completed the first month of my 1000km challenge with an impromptu Half Marathon. Originally I had only planned to run a 10K today, but after checking the weather and feeling reasonably fresh I decided to push my planned distance up to the next level. After a week or two of snow, the pavements and roads around my home had become sheets of ice, but a couple of cms of snow last night came to the rescue and made these areas runnable, although I still had to be careful.

With running to and from work most days this year, my body had been struggling a little bit with minor injuries to both my knees and hips, so I had planned to run my route this morning at quite a steady pace. The weather also was taking it's toll on my running style with the pavements varying from being completely clear, to slushy, to icy, to covered in deep snow and switching between them all at a moments notice.

The slush and ice made running up Lindum Road a massive challenge, what was already a difficult hill to run up with the seemingly never-ending incline, became ridiculous when the surface was working against you, trying to send you slipping back down the hill. The rest of the run was reasonably comfortable, taking a long loop around Lincoln and it was nice to see a few other fellow runners not being put off by the weather.

January was always going to be an interesting month for this challenge as there was a shortage of runs, so I would have to be reaching my target by braving the weather and getting out on the pavement by myself. The next few months look set to make up for this however, with a race lined up every weekend until May.

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