24 Mar 2013

213.66 - 234.79KM: Solo Run

This weekend I was originally scheduled to take part in the Rother Valley 10k, however despite Wednesday officially being the first day of Spring, Winter decided to return this week and the heavy snow caused the event to be cancelled on Friday evening. As you can see from the photo below, Rother Valley was hit quite badly with snow but thankfully Lincoln had remained for the most part snow free.

I decided to take advantage of the cancelled run to bump up the distance 11.13 km from a 10k to a Half Marathon. This year to reach my 1000km target in 52 weekends I am only allowed to run 20 10ks, with five already ran this year I am keen not to 'waste' any weekends by only running a 10k. As I was feeling fresh following my 20 mile run on Thursday I decided to save a 10k for later in the year when my body might benefit from a shorter run.

I had no real route in mind when I set out other than I planned to run up both Lindum Road and Yarborough Road to get two big hills in. However after a couple of miles in, my legs began to feel quite heavy and whilst Lincoln had missed most of the snow it had all of the wind and the prospect of running up two big hills was somewhat unfavourable. So instead, once I reached the top of Lindum Road I extended the run around the top of Lincoln to avoid having to run up another big hill with the wind against me.

This week's run write up is quite brief, as there wasn't any race experience to talk about. This week I'll be having a fairly relaxing week, there will be no getting up at 4am for a 20 mile training run, ahead of the first of potentially four races in a week with the Tulip 10k on Sunday. I'm still undecided on whether or not to enter the Caythorpe Canter on the 6th, whilst I am unlikely to go all out for a PB the next day in the Lincoln 10k, it may not be wise to run two races back to back just two weeks before the London Marathon.


Distance: 21.13 km | 13.13 miles
Time: 01:47:40
Average Pace: 05:05 min/km | 08:12 min/mi


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