2 May 2013

April Review (244.81 - 349.80km)

In summary April was full of more PBs, birthday cake, marathons and one of the greatest days of my life. Two 10ks, a Half Marathon and my first full Marathon in London helped me end the month just 200 metres short of 350km. 

April had barely started before I was lining up for the Notts Easter 10k, my second of two races on the Easter weekend. Having run just 12 seconds over 42 minutes the day before I was eager to have another go at running sub 42. Whilst my mind was willing, my body was not and as the miles wore on I felt myself getting slower and slower before eventually crossing the line with little over 43 minutes on the clock.

Fortunately I wouldn't have to wait long before having another attempt as that Sunday I would be running the Lincoln 10k. The Lincoln 10k is a special event for me as five years ago it was the first race I ever entered, before then becoming my 'hometown' race. In 2008 I crossed the line in 72:17, this year I ran 31 minutes and 18 seconds faster, finishing in 40:59. I made a few mistakes in the race so I'm confident of comfortably running a sub 40 10k later this year.

A family christening meant that I was unable to attend the rearranged Rother Valley 10k, so instead my third 1000km challenge run in April was a Solo Half Marathon ran at my intended Marathon pace. Well that was the plan, but once I started running my body soon put paid to that idea and it soon became a case of clocking up the kms and avoiding injury.

With April comes my birthday and top of my list was a new pair of running trainers. I had had my previous pair for just under a year and sheer amount of running I have been doing this year in training and as part of my 1000km challenge had left them barely holding together. So instead I now have these beauties to get me through the next few hundred kilometers.

My next race, the London Marathon, was arguably the biggest race of this 1000km challenge, certainly so far. Before the race mentally and physically I felt prepared, although as it was my first marathon there was still that 'area of unknown' once I reached beyond the 20 mile mark. Fortunately the crowds, as always, were incredible and kept me going though the hardest 10km I've ever ran and I managed to complete my first marathon of six marathons this year comfortably under 4 hours. Job done. Entry on the Bucket List crossed off.

My final race of April was the Rotary Shakespeare Half Marathon in William Shakespeare's home town of Stratford-upon-Avon. In the week leading up to the race I had been debating whether to run the full marathon instead as my body felt remarkably fresh after the London Marathon. A couple of miles in my body soon began to feel the strain of the big effort I put in the previous week, so common sense dictated that when the decision came to carry on to the full or head towards the finish line for the half I did the latter.

Finally sympathies must go out to those caught up in the tragic events in Boston this month. I received a surprise phonecall from BBC Lincolnshire the day afterwards to give my thoughts on whether or not the London Marathon should go ahead. You can read and listen to what I had to say here.

April Stats:

1000KM Challenge Distance: 104.99km
Time Running Total: 08:46:00
Total Running Distance: 150.36km
Bananas Eaten: 47
Medals: 3

1000km Challenge Stats:

1000KM Challenge Distance: 349.80km 

Time Running Total: 29:34:30
Total Running Distance: 684.96km 
Bananas Eaten: 189
Medals: 7


A look ahead to May

05/05 - Grand East Anglian Run (10k)
10/05 - Skelly 6
11/05 - Zombie Run (5k)
12/05 - Sheffield Half Marathon
19/05 - North Norfolk Marathon

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