26 Feb 2013

GUEST POST: Documenting the Eczema & Changing up the Diet!

From March 1st I'm going to start documenting my skin via photographs every morning when I wake up to every night before I go to bed. By doing this I'll be able to show you all, and myself, just how my skin goes during the day. At the end of the month I'll compile them all and make a gif image to show you what happens to my skin over the course of a month.

I'm also looking to fine tune my diet somewhat as I haven't been able to shake the bad habits off since Christmas time. I still have a tonne of sweets and the like in the cupboard but I'm just going to ignore their existence for now ;) I've also noticed that I'm starting to put on a bit of weight again, not really a lot, but my size 8 trousers (I don't even know how I even got down to wearing an 8?!) are beginning to get a little tight on the old tum. Everyone bangs on about the benefits of healthy food in eczema patients so I'll get back onto the wagon, even though I'm not entirely convinced it fully helps me, seeing as I suffer primarily from environmental allergies but if it makes me healthy then that's good.

If anyone wants to drop me in any recipe ideas that'd be fantastic! We tend to eat the same things over and over and it can become a bit tedious. From what I can tell the only things I can't have are spices and possibly eggs as I've (only sometimes) flared when having had egg sandwiches and pancakes, and definitely flared from eating shop bought birthday cake and quiche. Although recently I was alerted to this article: 'House dust mites could be a cause of food allergy' which was a very interesting read seeing as I know that I am extremely allergic to dust mites and flour was found in the birthday cake, quiche and pancake. Funny huh?

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