26 Feb 2013

In The News: Exchange Magazine (March 2013 Edition)

Yesterday I received a copy of the National Eczema Society's quarterly magazine for members 'Exchange'. The magazine is produced every three months to keep the charity's members up to date with news about the charity and the latest in management and treatment advice for the condition. I was fortunate for my 1000km challenge to be featured on the front cover of their latest issue.

Officially now a cover model...
The magazine also includes an article on the London Marathon, in particular on the runners who have chosen to run for the National Eczema Society. Today I was interviewed by a reporter from The Lincolnite, a local online news outlet, about my challenge, my motivation behind it and exactly how I will go about completing it,  I expect the article to go online in the next couple of days.

...and also a centerfold.
I have also been in contact with my old University, the University of Lincoln, about how they can help support and publicise my challenge. Finally, the local village newsletter have confirmed that they will be able to run a piece on my challenge in their next issue.

So far this year I haven't been on a single 'training run', aside from the running I'm doing at the weekend the rest of my running has been to and from work. With the London Marathon around seven weeks away I have decided to take my training up a level and this past week I have reintroduced strength training twice a week to work on my core strength. 

Today, after my interview with The Lincolnite I opted to go on an impromptu speed training session during my lunch break. Living in Lincoln with its many hills does occasionally have its advantages, such as today when I utilised a series of hill sprints (Motherby Hill, Steep Hill, Spring Hill and Victoria Street) into my run. It has been a while since my last hill sprint session, and it kind of showed, but with the weather slowly getting better I hope to reintroduce them back into my training. 

So steep they named it...'Steep'

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