7 Jul 2013

550.38 - 560.38KM: Solo Run

This weekend with the temperatures in the mid to high 20s any run was going to be a struggle. With potentially two races lined up next week, the 12.12 on the Sunday and possibly the Toonie Trot on the Wednesday, I made sure to save my energy for those and run a simple 10k today.

There is very little to say about my solo runs in truth, with no race experiance to write about. Today was very hot and whilst a bottle of water would typically suffice on a 10k, I found myself emptying it within the first two miles. 

With the Nottingham marathon just under 12 weeks away, next week I am planning on starting my marathon training. Currently there isn't much structure to my training other than Hill Sprints on Tuesday and running to and from work when I feel like it. However on Friday my training took a slightly unusual turn after Jenny's car battery died the day before. So before work I ran a broken up 10 miles including 4 miles with a car battery in my backpack, before fitting it and then running back.

As mentioned previously next weekend I have the 12.12 race across the peak district, in truth I'm not entirely sure what I've got myself in to. On their website they state how you need a change of clothes, a compass, map and spare food and looking at the course profile there looks to be a beast of a climb after the first couple of miles.

It will certainly be a challenging run. The early forecast looks clear, if a little too hot, so visibility and navigation hopefully shouldn't be an issue. Ideally I need a new pair of trail trainers for the run, as my current pair are a bit battered, but I'm limiting myself to spending less than £40 on a pair which in itself is a challenge. 

This Wednesday I am due back on BBC Lincolnshire at 11:30am for a catchup interview, my fourth time on the station so far this year and my fifth time on the radio. In my post last week I mentioned how I was originally scheduled to be interview this past Monday, however I had to cancel as I had to run home too look after Jenny as her skin took another turn for the worse.

As always, please visit http://www.justgiving.com/shanes1000km and donate what you can and please share news of what I am doing with others.


Distance: 10.00km | 6.2 miles

Time: 00:51:11
Average Pace: 05:12 min/km | 08:14 min/mi


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