3 Jul 2013

June Review (458.94 - 550.38km)

June was supposed to be a month of celebration. I entered the month about 40km short of the 500km mark, so in a couple of weeks I would reach the big halfway milestone. However on reflection it feels like a month with little to celebrate. Jenny's health reached a new low, with her being hospitalised for a week and I experienced a couple of cancelled races. The 500km mark was achieved though and there was also plenty of cake, so it wasn't all bad.

On the 2nd of June I was due to get the month started with the Woodhall Spa 10k. As I had registered quite close to the event my race pack wouldn't be sent to me and I would have to instead collect it on the day. Events however transpired against me and I arrived at the registration desk with a couple of minutes to spare only to be told that my number had been sold on to another runner. So instead I was forced to get the month started with an impromptu Solo Run.

The second weekend didn't really see an improvement on the first week. On the Friday evening I had the first of two planned races, the Notts 10 Mile Road Race. I started the race tired and after pushing myself hard round the 10 mile course in the excessive heat, so hard that at one stage I threw up, I finished it drained of all energy. 

This was however to be the high point of the weekend, as the following day I had to take Jenny to hospital with suspected Eczema Herpeticum, her seventh outbreak. Jenny was issued with some medication and returned home, but as the evening wore on the infection was visibly getting worse at quite an alarming rate. The next morning Jenny woke up with both eyes swollen shut, and her face covered in dried crust where it had weeped throughout the night. Jenny was then admitted into hospital where she remained until the following Friday.

My attendance at the race I had lined up for that Sunday, the Humber Bridge 10k, was then obviously cancelled.

With my total sitting less than 4km short of the 500km milestone I would have to wait until the 16th of June with the Three Lakes Classic for another attempt at breaking it. The race was my second time running round Rother Valley, with another two planned races planned later in the year, and was one of my most enjoyable races yet. Before the race I read some reviews from previous participants that stressed the importance to keep an eye on the runner in front during the wooded sections, as it was easy to get lost. I followed this advice with reckless abandon as I had to chase down the runner in front at times to even get a glimpse of them, but this only added to the enjoyment.

The following week I aimed to make up for missing out on the Humber Bridge 10k but lining up a race on the Friday evening and another on the Sunday. On the first race, the Summer Solstice 10k, I again made the mistake of running harder than my body was prepared for given the heat and my general tiredness, which led to some hilarious photographic consequences.

Sunday's race would however bare a stark contrast, with wind and rain, an undulating course but an overall much more comfortable run. The Underwood 10k was one of a growing number of first time races for me this year, but one I'm definitely likely to have another crack at.

My final race of the month was again due to see me head up North across the Humber for the Humber Bridge Half Marathon. It was a race that I myself made the decision not to enter as Jenny's health had taken another turn for the worse and I felt it was much more important for me to be around her. That didn't mean that I got the weekend off from running however, as I took a well needed (and deserved) recovery run with a leisurely 10km solo run.

So that's June all wrapped up and I now find myself halfway through the year. I have recorded a video giving my review of the month too, so feel free to check that out. It was my intention to keep the video to around 5 minutes but I failed, still at least it is better than the 20 minute video I recorded last time. Who knows by the end of the year I might even look comfortable in front of the camera.

I would like to end this blog with some good news about Jenny's health, but unfortunately this past Monday she suffered yet another horrific set back when she woke up to find that her skin had been ripping itself open in her sleep. 

Please visit my JustGiving page and donate what you can. If you can't donate then please share my JustGiving page and news of what I'm doing with others, in case they can. The only way we can end the suffering that Jenny and millions of others go through on a daily basis is with your help.

June Stats:

1000KM Challenge Distance: 91.44km

Time Running Total: 07:30:41
Total Running Distance: 210.26km
Bananas Eaten: 40
Medals: 0

1000km Challenge Stats:

1000KM Challenge Distance: 550.38km 

Time Running Total: 46:51:59
Total Running Distance: 210.26km
Bananas Eaten: 268
Medals: 11


A look ahead to July

Confirmed Races
14/07 - 12.12

21/07 - Rother Valley 10K
21/07 - Sheffield Man of Steel

28/07 - Heckington Show 10 Mile Race

Unconfirmed Races

07/07 - Spires 10

10/07 - Toonie Trot

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